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“Drivovo – you are a factory of automotive happiness! Service, decency, attentiveness – 24/7 – above all praise” – such reviews are constantly written by those who have touched the Drivovo service.

Drivovo is Ukraine’s first subscription car service for all IT professionals.

The real purpose of Drivovo is in the emotional state you get when using a service with which we have taken over all the risks and costs of car maintenance and support.

You only have the most positive emotions, lightness and drive that are embedded in the service!

We create relationships with customers and give them good condition, take care of safety, provide service, while creating new quality standards:

Drivovo is ikigai for your car

1. No documents

No income certificates, statements, evidence of the origin of money, permission from relatives and complex, certificates from the military commissariat that you will not be called to the Armed Forces, multi-page contracts in which you are “we have” from the first letter.

2. Without advance payments and fines

Forget about the 30% down payment. You don’t need to pay bank commission and bank %, pay insurance and PF. Possibility to terminate the contract without penalty.

3. Simplicity is on your way.

Forget about spending money and time on registration and payment of taxes, maintenance, winter tires, painful sale on the secondary market. The world has changed, and so have you!

4. Change of car

A simple change to a more expensive or cheaper car without extra losses.

5. A right, but not an obligation

You have the right, but not the obligation, to buy back the car at the end of the subscription period. Don’t own, but have!

 What’s under the hood of a subscription?

  • Registration and taxes,
  • Insurance is a corporate “umbrella” against any events,
  • Set of winter tires/storage/tire installation,
  • Scheduled maintenance and a maintenance driver who will maintain your car
  • Free replacement car during warranty repair or accident.
  • Drivovo Pride community

Drivovo customers have only three obligations: 

  • Enjoy the car and service every day.
  • Pay the monthly subscription on time.
  • Recommend our service to friends and receive bonuses for it.

What is missing in Drivovo?

  • Indifference
  • Bureaucracy
  • Finmonitoring
  • Fines
  • Hidden commissions

Drive IT easy!

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