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Drivovo is the first car subscription service in Ukraine. Subscription is a new way to use a car instead of owning it. This is when we leave all the pros of ownership, remove the cons and add WOW-service.

Subscription is also a change of focus from owning a car to the average cost of owning it for a month, a year, three years. The subscription includes all costs except fuel: Registration; PF; Insurance; winter tire set / storage / tire fitting; regular maintenance; MOT driver who will drive the car to the station instead of you; registration of the insured event; replacement car at the time of warranty repair or accident.

Here’s how a Drivovo subscription works:

  • We conduct the best test drive in Ukraine, up to an hour, in all modes in an empty city. It is possible on several different cars.
  • We help you decide on the best car for you. Then quick scoring – enough passport, TIN and social media links.
  • No financial documents, piles of papers and bureaucracy.
  • You pay for the first and last few months of the subscription, as in renting an apartment, and in 30 minutes you drive your new car.
  • At the end of the subscription period there is a right, but not an obligation to buy a car at a residual value. Of course you receive from us useful gifts, surprises and many positive emotions.

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