European Association of Software Engineering

We’re the community of more than 6000 IT-industry representatives of Ukraine and Europe, who works in areas of: Software Development, UI/UX Design, Hardware Development, Robotics, Space Robotics Technology, IT-Marketing, Chatbots, IP-Telecommunications, Cloud Services, EdTech, IT-law, Cybersecurity.

Our mission:

Create all conditions for small and medium-sized companies to scale, develop and influence processes at the state level.
Make Ukraine's IT brand meaningful, recognizable and powerful.
Introduce developments and innovative products of our residents in all spheres of life in Ukraine and the world.

What EASE residents get


Each company-resident gets:

TV Channel interviews and media publication possibilities.
Company Promo  with its further promotion on appropriate audience.
Being a speaker at EASE events (2+ events per month)
Shooting in IT Bar Show

Popular businessmen, owners and top managers of resident companies discuss IT and innovation news.
Posting information, news and vacancies of the company on all community resources.

*Government Relations

Events together with government officials

Opportunity to convey proposals to the government, to facilitate its implementation
Cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Economy
Literacy about Diia City Project
Open Vacancies fair and IT-conferences. In all cities of Ukraine
it is a Road Show that helps companies to improve their HR-brand, find the best employers, become recognizable and desirable for potential candidates and close vacancies.
Virtual tours in company office for students of universities and private IT academies
it is an opportunity to show your company to the future employers, motivate the young generation to develop
Cooperation with technological universities of the country
Establishment of R’n’D centers on the basis of universities
Fuckup Night
is a format of events where top businessmen talk about their failures on the way to success
Educational lectures
PR, HR brand, marketing, sales, new markets exit, grants
Participation in innovative exhibitions and forums

Our residents

All residents

Reviews about membership

Vyacheslav SmirnovSolvd

We see the Association as our guide to the Ukrainian market. And HR is its component because EASE works with universities, and we need students. Multiple events hosted by the Association are also great because they provide a networking opportunity. For example, I performed at the first Fuckup Night event, and when I came to the second one, people recognized me. The Association also covers many positive things and points that are crucial for us.

Ruslan YumagulovVymex

I noticed and watched you before, but I determined that it was too early. As soon as the company gets to the level where it needs PR, the exchange of experience, surroundings, there is a need for a resource EASE provides. In addition, the events are held at a high level. You have worked through experience, many mistakes and stabilized the product. You know exactly what you offer, and I know for sure that I need it. This exchange became clear. And I also have friends here whose choice I trust.

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