Every month we receive more than 100 applications for residency in the Association. Here are the most common questions and objections that potential community members have.

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  • Who can become a resident of the EASE Association?

    Our resident can be:
    ⁃ a product or outsourcing IT company; a company whose activity is innovative;
    ⁃ a legal entity registered in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world;
    ⁃ has a clean business reputation, not seen in scandals;
    ⁃ is not engaged in gambling, betting, pyramid schemes, traffic arbitrage;
    ⁃ non-toxic in the information field.

  • What are the steps to join the community?

    1. Interview with the manager of EASE residents.
    2. Checking your company for conformity with the criteria for an EASE resident.
    3. Payment of the annual resident fee.
    4. Obtaining an official EASE resident certificate and access to all community activities.

  • For what actions can a company be removed from the community?

    During the community's existence, we have not yet encountered such cases. However, under the rules of the EASE Association, we have the right to remove a company for:

    1. Unethical behavior towards residents or the team of the Association.
    2. Public conflict or toxic behavior in the information space.
    3. Spreading false information, rumors, gossip about the community.
    4. Failure to comply with the community's principles - help, support, active participation.
    5. Involvement in gambling, alcohol, the tobacco business, betting, bets of any kind.
    6. Public insult of one of the residents or the team of the Association.

  • Can I pay the residence fee in parts?

    We specially made a transparent fee scheme, the same for all types and sizes of companies, and also set a loyal payment amount. Therefore, the resident fee is paid by one check a year in advance.

  • Do your residents continue to participate in the EASE Association after the end of the annual package?

    100% of the first companies that believed in us at the beginning extended their residency in EASE at the end of the first year. And for us, this is the best confirmation that we are doing everything right and benefiting the participants.

  • When does my year at the EASE Association start?

    Each resident company has its own personal calendar year, starting on the day the resident fee is paid. That is, if you became a resident on July 5, 2021, your membership will expire on July 5, 2022.


  • Everything is good in our company, why should we join the community?

    The EASE Association provides additional opportunities for growth not only for the company but also for individual specialists. The specialized IT community is a place to exchange experience, expertise, and even projects and orders. Sooner or later, each company reaches the ceiling of its development, and at such moments, the formed database of business contacts will help you solve your main request thanks to the expertise of experienced colleagues.

    For companies that have reached the desired stage of financial development, we provide an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the younger generation of startups and thus demonstrate their social mission.

  • I don't have time to go to your events and participate in activities.

    EASE is not a business club, and we do not set ourselves the goal of circling only the founder with a glass of prosecco. We involve all team members in professional training, networking, performances, and recreation.

  • We work on international markets, we are not interested in development in Ukraine.

    The success of an IT company depends not only on the number of orders and demand for the product. It is no longer enough for companies to pay more to maintain positions in a highly competitive labor market, retain team members and attract the right specialists. An essential component of the development strategy is the HR brand. The EASE Association provides ready-made working tools for building and promoting the recognition of your IT company in the labor market.

  • Our company is a member of other associations/clusters, isn't this an obstacle to joining EASE?

    We cooperate with most Ukrainian clusters and associations because we consider them partners, not competitors. Therefore, we are confident that your participation in different communities will expand your opportunities for growth and development.

  • Our company is just entering the market, and we are not yet ready for public activity.

    It is one of the best moments to join the profile community, as we give a complete understanding of how to correctly form your positioning, as well as provide ready-made working tools for PR promotion of the company and the personal brand of top managers, building an HR brand, professional team growth, networking with potential investors.

  • You are doing great, but we will think and join later.

    Absolutely everyone who doubted for a long time whether to join the EASE Association said that they regretted not having done it earlier and missed the opportunity for their team.

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