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Key employee retention strategies: intangible motivation and loyalty program

Do you want to be a magnet company for cool professionals, create “brand advocates” among your employees and form a team for years?

So don’t miss the smart lecture together with BazaIT on Monday, where we will analyze “Key employee retention strategies: intangible motivation and loyalty program”.

Viktoria Nalyvaiko 🇺🇦 CEO&Co-Founder of BazaIT.com, Founder of reteam, Co-Founder of CareerPartner will reveal the following topics:

  • From introduction to onboarding: employees who adapt effectively in the company improve retention by 82%. But what is effective onboarding?
  • Tea/coffee and buns are cool, but how to fall in love, not buy employees?
  • Top signs that the corporate culture needs to be changed, but how?
  • Motivation vs burnout, how to keep the team in good shape, especially during wartime?
  • Real cases of working loyalty programs.

BazalT is end-to-end platform that takes care of the hiring process for product mindset IT companies and specialists in IT, easy, fast and convenient.

Only for EASE residents.
Join on 20.02 at 19:00 via the link published in the closed chat.
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