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EASE Mastermind. 05/07

Варшава, Wschowska 8
Facebook post – 47

EASE MASTERMIND in Warsaw is a group brainstorm for owners and C-level managers.🔥

We invite founders, directors, owners and co-founders of companies to the format of the event, where you can open up, talk, find answers for yourself and share your experience with colleagues.

Equal exchange and benefit is the EASE MASTERMIND.

The focus of the meeting is only what is relevant for you. Mastermind is an event format where each participant voices his key problem, and the rest outline options, tools, methods and ways to solve it. The number of participants is limited.

Moderator: Oleksandr Kytsenko, CEO of EASE, co-founder of 4E Consulting, specialist in building, systematizing business and developing the existing potential of the organization.

▫️ Management experience of 10+ years

▫️ Implemented more than 100 projects.

▫️ Author of 15 training programs on sales, team building and effective negotiations.

Why should you join:

✅ find answers to key questions facing IT business owners

✅ exchange experience with colleagues

✅ get to know colleagues from the IT market

✅ find potential partners and contractors.

🔗 The format of the event involves interaction between participants. Mastermind is a 2.5-hour networking meeting where each participant has time to voice their key issue and get options for solutions shaped by real-life experience.

Prepare your own queries and join to get new expertise.