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EASE Mastermind

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For founders and CEOs of IT companies

EASE MASTERMIND is the return of group robotic therapy sessions.

We invite founders, directors, owners and co-founders of companies to the format of the event, where you can open up, talk, find answers for yourself and share your experience with colleagues. Equal exchange and benefit is the EASE MASTERMIND. Our meeting this time will be devoted to the topic of managing the company in martial law.

How will it be?

Participants will describe their problems in the online meeting chat. Then the moderator will read them in random order, and each participant will have 2 minutes to share their ideas for solving the question of their colleagues.

We will listen and give a word to everyone.
Join using the link posted in the closed resident chat at 19:00

Previously, we held such events for echars, projects, and marketers. But the time has come for business founders to share their pains, look for new solutions and help colleagues.

See you on air!