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EASE Pitch&Connect

Instagram post – 377

EASE FAMILY, shall we get to know each other better?

On March 21, we will launch a new format of activities within the community, where each of you will be able to get to know your colleagues even better, tell us about yourself and present your company’s services👌🏻

How will it be?

We meet on Zoom, where each participant will have 5 minutes for pitching (presentation of himself and his company).

Next, we will create Breakout Rooms to continue face-to-face communication between participants who wish to discuss potential collaborations in more detail and get to know each other better. One conversation   lasts 5 minutes.

Your intro should address the following questions:

  • What is the name of the speaker and a brief presentation of the company;
  • Key expertise and markets you specialize in;
  • How your company can benefit the EASE community
  • What requests/challenges does your company have today?

The first stream of EASE Pitch&Connect will be formed from a group of 10 companies. To join the stream, call resident manager Ilona: +380 63 757 52 12.

*Only for EASE residents.

Before meeting!