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English Workshop

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Do you sometimes encounter difficulties in conversations with foreign clients or partners? Perhaps it’s challenging to orient yourself or express your thoughts? If so, we invite you to the EASE English Workshop!

During this workshop, you’ll be able to:
📌 Improve your English communication skills in a fun environment;
📌 Enhance improvisation and storytelling abilities;
📌 Boost confidence in communicating with foreigners;
📌 Practice speaking under the guidance of an expert.

❔What’s the format of the event?
Powerpoint Karaoke – each participant receives a set of random slides. The main task is to come up with an interesting story based on the slides and tell it in English.

🔻Workshop expert: Katerina Hravtseva, co-founder and methodologist at the English school ed.lang*. Katerina has taught at Tefal and collaborated with Diia.Business in Bucha, UNIT.City, and Set Community.

📆 Date: 30.05.
🕗 Time: 18:30.
🌐 Format: online.
🇬🇧 For B2-C2 level of English proficiency.

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