LinkedIn Sales Online Panel


Discover the secrets to successful selling on LinkedIn tailored for IT companies in 2024. Join us at EASE’s dynamic online panel discussion, where seasoned experts will divulge their successful strategies for boosting sales through LinkedIn.

In this engaging session, you’ll learn:

🌟 Effective selling techniques on LinkedIn.
🌟 The latest trends in LinkedIn promotion for 2024.
🌟 Why it might be time to rethink your lead generation team.
🌟 Crafting pitches that get responses from potential customers.
Our panel boasts an impressive lineup of experienced professionals:

🎯 Dmitry Suslov, Founder & CEO of Addlium, a Social Selling agency specializing in B2B marketing and lead generation. With 15 years in B2B marketing and sales, Dmitry is a recognized speaker at the IAMPM Academy, focusing on IT lead generation. He’s a master at crafting and promoting brands on LinkedIn across global markets.

🎯 Pavlo Okhrem, a serial IT entrepreneur with a decade in the industry. Co-owner of three IT service companies, including Elogic Commerce, Uvik Software, and CloudNerds, Pavlo oversees over 200 employees. His expertise spans building sales teams, closing major deals in the service industry, and optimizing lead generation departments across various channels.

🎯 Igor Volovoy, CEO & Co-founder of Elit-Web, an internet marketing agency acclaimed as Ukraine’s #1 Digital Agency in 2021. With branches in the USA, Germany, and Poland, Igor brings a global perspective to digital marketing and lead generation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your LinkedIn sales strategies with insights from the best in the business. Join us and let’s skyrocket your sales with EASE in 2024! 🚀🔥