Катерина Мілютенко3

Mastermind for founders and CEOs of IT companies

Катерина Мілютенко3

🌟 EASE MASTERMIND online is where the magic happens for owners and C-level bosses.

We’re rolling out the red carpet for founders, directors, owners, and co-founders of companies. It’s your chance to open up, get real, and find those game-changing answers, all while sharing your wisdom with peers.

At EASE MASTERMIND, it’s all about giving and getting in equal measure. 🔄

What’s on the agenda? Only what matters to YOU.

🎯 Mastermind is our special event format where you get to spotlight your biggest challenge, and then, together, we brainstorm solutions. Think options, tools, methods, and strategies, crafted by the collective brainpower of the group. But heads up, spaces are limited to keep the conversation meaningful.

Why should you jump on this?

💡Solve your burning questions
💡Swap stories and strategies with other IT leaders
💡Network with the IT community and meet potential partners and contractors

Event moderator Catherine Miliutenko, Co-founder of the low/no-code community FlowMates. She’s also a certified business trainer with BogushTime and a certified coach. Since 2021, Kateryna has been focused on offering professional training. She excels in coaching and teaching about time management and delegation.

📅 When: March 20, 2024
🕒 Time: 18:30 – 21:00
📍 Where: Online, via Zoom

This is a 2.5-hour networking powerhouse of a meeting, designed for interaction and real talk. Everyone gets a chance to lay out their challenges and soak up solutions steeped in real-world experience.

Got a challenge? Bring it. Ready for new insights? This is where you’ll find them. Join us and level up. 🚀