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Mastermind for IT company founders

Олександр Киценко3 (4)

It’s time to look closely at your main business growth ideas and make plans for 2024 at EASE Mastermind 🙌

🚀 EASE MASTERMIND online is a group thinking session for bosses of IT companies in the European Software Engineering Association. It’s a place where smaller IT businesses learn to lead the market.

We’ve got a special case study for the people who started or lead IT companies. In this group session with other strong leaders, you’ll get to plan important tasks and find ways to tackle big IT business problems in 2024.

It’s all about giving and getting good ideas at EASE MASTERMIND 🤝

Our meeting will focus on what matters to you. In Mastermind, everyone talks about their biggest challenge, and we all think of ways to fix it. So, get your ideas ready. Remember, we can’t have too many people 📍

📍Why join us:

👉 Get answers to big questions IT business owners have
Plan your main goals for 2024
👉 Meet others in the IT world
👉 Find possible partners and workers.

Our event is all about working together. Mastermind is a 2.5-hour networking session where each person gets a chance to share their main problem and hear solutions from real-life experiences.

📅 Date: January 18, 2024
🕒 Time: 18:00 – 21:30
📍 Location: Online, on Zoom

Come with your questions and join us to learn new things!

Sign up soon, as we only have a few spots left 🫶