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Offline Meetup

Poland, Warsaw. We will share address after the registration
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✋We invite you to an offline meetup: “Fixing terrible ideas and executions in marketing & sales”!

The focus of the event is on horrible business mistakes and fails that could destroy the entire company. But thanks to the skill of the management, it was possible to avoid serious consequences and turn the problem into a valuable experience.

Matt Jagiello-Kacprzycki, Growth Marketer from the EMEA region, Mentor at Google Campus, Startup Academy, ReaktorX and TechSoup will share his fails. Here are the topics:

📌How to ensure a conflict between company units and make it last;
📌Why immediate revenue boost can kill a business long-term;
📌When B2B sales do not deliver the promise of sweet enterprise deals;
📌Truly horrible communication: discouraging your customers 101;

Matt worked for leading agencies and established brands such as Intel, ASUS, Huawei, Nikon and Schneider Electric on local markets. Drove revenue for over 50 startups, invested in 3 of them.

📆Date: 28.03.
🕕Time: 18:00.
🌐Location: offline, Warsaw.

❗️Join the meetup and learn more about how not to bring ideas to life!