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Online Mastermind

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❗️We invite you to EASE Online Mastermind!

This is a traditional event that will help CEOs and C-level managers to discuss important issues under the guidance of an expert.

The moderator of the event is Nazar Mysholivskyi, CEO and Co-founder of the LNOKS company. On April 18, he will help you to:

📌Find the necessary solutions for your business.
📌Find answers to all your questions.
📌Exchange experience with colleagues.
📌Find potential partners and contractors.

Online Mastermind is 2.5 hours of networking, discussing business issues and communicating with CEOs, founders and C-level managers of IT businesses.

📆 Date: 18.04.
🕕Time: 18:00.
🌐Format: online.

👉 Sign up for the event now, we are waiting for you!