Vladyslav Savchenko3

Q&A session with Vladislav Savchenko

Warsaw, Poland. We'll provide the specific address after you've registered
Vladyslav Savchenko3

Join us for an exclusive gathering and Q&A session featuring Vladislav Savchenko, the esteemed President of EASE and founder of the renowned international IT company group, Powercode. This is your chance to engage directly with a seasoned IT entrepreneur, ask your burning questions, and gain invaluable insights.

Mark your calendars:
📅 Date: November 30
⏰ Time: 17:30
🌍 Location: Warsaw

Vladyslav is eager to share his wealth of experience, explore the future of your IT business, and provide comprehensive answers to your queries.

Remember, seats are limited! Register soon to secure your spot. We’re excited to embark on a journey of learning and innovation with you. 💙