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Why IT companies should create blockchain departments

Friends, on November 16, we will meet at an online meetup with Mykhailo Adjoev, Founder & CTO at Cowchain, who will talk about why IT companies should build blockchain departments🤔

You will learn about:

  • blockchain technology in your own words;
  • why blockchain != crypto;
  • Web3 market volumes;
  • volumes of investments in the market of blockchain projects;
  • the untapped potential of blockchain products and the current ISR
  • insights from the Web Summit regarding the Web 3 market;
  • types of development on the blockchain market;
  • how to work without a sales department.
  • how to open a blockchain development department and how it will solve the bench problem in IT.
  • is crypt still a scam or not?

Mykhailo Ajoev has been in development for 8 years, has experience as a .NET Developer, TechLead, since 2019 he has been working on Upwork in parallel and taking clients from blockchain development. Since October 2021, he has opened his own development company in this niche.

Since 2016, Mykhailo has participated in about 60-70 projects of various niches: fintech, logistics, insurance, travel, blockchain, crypto, as a developer and TechLead.

During the year of its existence, the Cowchain company lives without a Sales department and sales channels in general, having completed about 25 projects of various sizes in a year, from those that take 1 week to 8 months (and ongoing) of development.

Meetup starts tomorrow at 19:00, online.
Only for EASE residents.
We publish the link in the closed chat of residents