Monika Da Silva3 (2)

Smart lecture for HR

Monika Da Silva3 (2)

Join us for an exclusive online smart lecture that promises to elevate your understanding of organizational efficiency and strategic management. We are thrilled to welcome a distinguished speaker from the Big Tech industry, who will share her insights and experiences in transforming workplace dynamics.

🌟 Date: January 17th
🌟 Time: 18:00 (GMT+2)
🌟 Speaker: Monika Da Silva Xavier

🔹 About the Speaker:
With over a decade in the Big Tech industry, Monika offers extensive expertise in strategic HR management, notably from a recent role at Google Ireland until September 2023. Specializing in stakeholder management and operational optimization, Monika excels in driving business outcomes. As a data-driven decision-maker, she prioritizes efficiency and values work culture, organizational development, and employee well-being.

🔹 Lecture Topic:
“Efficiency Boost: Metrics and Standardization for Organizational Excellence”

🔹 Key Takeaways:
Join us for this insightful lecture where Monika will delve into:

👉 The importance of metrics in achieving organizational goals.
👉 How standardization can lead to operational efficiency.
👉 Strategies for enhancing employee performance and well-being.
👉 Real-world examples from her extensive experience in Big Tech.

🔹 Who Should Attend:
This lecture is a must for professionals in HR, operations, and anyone interested in enhancing organizational efficiency and culture.