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The IT Ukraine Association and JEVERA Software Offers Best Practices for Digital Transformation Hurdles Faced by 70% of Telcos

This digital transformation guideline highlights the strong impact of proven architectural, data, and cybersecurity strategies on telecom compliance and competitiveness.
Deloitte reports that telcos need to adapt to consumers’ new on-demand expectations and provide personalized services immediately. Most telecom businesses opt for digital transformation (DX) as a proven way to support competitiveness. Meanwhile, 70% of telcos still face significant DX setbacks, leading to revenue and competitiveness loss.

In the last few years, Ukrainian telecom operators have had to implement lightning-dight innovations to withstand wartime challenges. This unique experience inspired JEVERA Software and the IT Ukraine Association to consolidate and share the expertise to help telecom businesses worldwide make a substantial difference.

“IT Ukraine Association considers that the foundation of sustainable progress is the exchange of knowledge and best practices for enabling rapid development and effective digital transformation. This research is the basis for underscoring the critical role of telecommunications in shaping the digital landscape, driving innovation, and facilitating international collaboration”, – Maria Shevchuk, Acting Executive Director, IT Ukraine Association.

The companies are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the groundbreaking whitepaper, “Digital Transformation for Telcos: A 101 Guideline,” aiming to shed light on:

Proven Data & Cybersecurity Strategies
Emerging Revenue Models for 2024
Proper Preparing of Telco IT Landscape for Innovation
A Suitable Digital Transformation Starting Point that leads to a higher return on investment (ROI)

“Telecom digital transformation isn’t a choice – it’s a survival strategy. JEVERA stands at the forefront of innovation and progress, believing that best practices sharing is among the key drivers for telecom monetization and scaling. This guideline helps you consider digital transformation from a different angle and find an efficient action plan suitable for your telecom business”, – Anna Tyschenko, CEO, JEVERA Software.

JEVERA Software and IT Ukraine Association are set to unveil this whitepaper during an insightful presentation on November 23 at 4:00 pm EET. Following the event, every attendee will receive a personal copy of the whitepaper that contains practical guidelines and roadmaps for successful digital transformation.

Mark your calendars for November 23, as “Digital Transformation for Telcos: A 101 Guideline” becomes available, offering telecom businesses the means to enhance Client Lifetime Value (CLV) and achieve substantial growth through digital transformation.

About JEVERA Software:

JEVERA Software is a Ukrainian software development agency that helps telco and tech enterprise businesses reengineer applications, migrate to new technologies and possibilities, and convert legacy code and data into modern platforms.

About IT Ukraine Association:

IT Ukraine Association is the largest national association of IT companies that represents the interests of more than 140 service and product IT businesses and more than 85 thousand professionals in Ukraine and promotes the brand of Ukraine as a leading technological nation.

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