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We are an Estonia-based company with 24+ attorneys and specializing in Global Tech and blockchain-based projects. The core of our team is based in the EU and Ukraine, and we take pride in our technology-oriented legal expertise. For instance, we created our first NFT with the Rarible platform in April 2021, becoming the first law firm in Europe to do so. Moreover, we bought our first bitcoin back in 2012. 

Our clients are startups, software development agencies, fintech businesses, SaaS, and e-commerce platforms; plus, we’ve been deeply involved with Web 3.0 projects for the last five years.

We have experience working with companies of all sizes.  Therefore, we are well-trained to assist early and late-stage companies while maintaining a consistent approach to our services.

What we value most about our work is that we accompany our clients every step of the way, transforming ordinary business relationships into something much deeper.

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