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IGAMA is a fintech IT company with over 16 years of experience that offers technological solutions for various types of businesses.

 Our product line includes:

1)    An acquiring platform for accepting payments that provides a reliable and secure environment for processing payments.

2)    An innovative banking platform that offers a wide range of financial instruments and services, from account management and lending to international money transfers and currency exchange.

Our successful projects include such cases as Secure Deal, OLX Delivery, partnership with the National Bank of Ukraine in the e-hryvnia project, and partnership with the Kuna cryptocurrency exchange.

Our products are useful for:

  •     Banks and non-bank companies; 
  •     Marketplaces and classifieds; 
  •     Large retail businesses; 
  •     Cryptocurrency exchanges.

In 2022, we actively developed our technological stack, invested in security and cloud solutions for diversification. Our team consists of over 35 professional specialists who work on the development of the IT industry in Ukraine.

 Learn more about the company on the website: https://igama.tech


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