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ItUa provides services for the implementation, development, and maintenance of CRM systems. For 18 years, we have implemented more than 1000 projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Our mission: We delegate routine to programs, freeing up your time for more important things. The result is increased productivity and reduced costs, optimized accounting, efficient process management, improved customer service, analytics, and scalability.

Depending on the tasks and goals of the customer, with the help of a CRM system it is possible to:

  • reduce the cost of certain operations;
  • minimize the human factor;
  • increase the speed of delivery;
  • increase the volume of deliverie;
  • maximize productivity;
  • improve accuracy;
  • measure performance in real time;
  • reduce the impact of external factors;
  • collect actionable data;
  • simplify the supply chain.

We are proud of the corporate platform we have developed for logistics and forwarding companies, which allows us to create a customized solution two to three times faster.

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