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Powercode Academy is not just a school, it is a professional team in the Ukrainian EdTech market. It creates a product that gives people the opportunity to change their lives by getting a job in IT through mastering a new profession.

The Academy grew on the wave of interest in IT professions, when the main target consumer in the market were university students and sweaters under 30 years old.

In 4 years, the team was able to feel the main “pain” of consumers: lack of time for long studies, the need for a mentor and the fear of not finding a job after the courses. That’s why Powercode Academy created a new product – an online EdTech platform for independent learning of IT disciplines with practical support from mentors and recording of learning results.

The learning methodology on the platform allows students to acquire not only hard skills, which are needed in the profession, but also soft skills, which form skills for searching for information, independent management of their time and prioritization of tasks. This is a global practice that is gradually taking over all areas of education.

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