Drivovo: A new experience that is smarter than a loan or a purchase

Meet Ukraine’s first new car subscription service. Drivovo’s subscription is a new way to use cars instead of ownership. We leave all the advantages of owning, remove the disadvantages and add WOW service:
• Hour test drive in the style of FUNK,
• Subscription in 30 minutes,
• Drivovo Pride is a community of like-minded people who enjoy Drivovo’s SMART service without restrictions!

The subscription includes all expenses except fuel:
• Registration and taxes,
• Insurance – corporate «umbrella» from any events,
• Winter Rubber Set/ Storage/ Tire Fitting,
• Planned TO and driver TO
• Free replacement car during warranty repair or accident.

Drivovo customers have only three obligations:
• Have fun with car and service every day.
• You should pay your subscription once a month.
• Recommend our service to friends and get bonuses for it.

What’s not in Drivovo?
• Indifference
• Bureaucracies
• Finmonitoring
• Fines
• Hidden commissions

Drive IT easy!




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