Recently , the European Association of Software Engineering EASE presented the Ukrainian IT industry at A Ukrainian Affair in Singapore. The event was organized by the Peace of Art project team together with the Singapore Red Cross to help Ukrainians affected by the war.

1,500 guests got acquainted with Ukrainian culture and make sure that Ukrainian IT continues to work and can implement cool technology projects even in the most difficult conditions. The Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore, the Ambassador of Israel and the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg also supported the event.

– Our country needs help, but we are not waiting for someone to save us. Ukraine takes full responsibility – thousands of international partners know this thanks to the message that the EASE Association regularly broadcasts in communication with them, – said Liubov Mochalova, CEO of the European Association of Software Engineering “EASE.

Especially for the exhibition, the EASE team created a landing page , where they demonstrated promotional materials about the work of Ukrainian IT specialists in the war and told about their powerful results.

– From the first days of the war, we communicated with our international partners around the world to convey the real picture of what is happening in our country. Because usually foreign media and our clients received information from the news, which does not always fully show the business situation in Ukraine. As an association of IT companies, we consider it our duty to broadcast what is happening in the international arena. Our partners told us about the charity business evening in Singapore and invited us to talk about the Ukrainian IT sector: how it worked before the war, how it works now, how it developed before February 24 and what prospects it will have after our victory. That’s why we created promotional materials, interviewed real IT specialists who continue to work and fulfill orders on time and with quality, and demonstrated them during the event. I am very proud of the team, because we implemented everything very quickly and efficiently. Our partners in Singapore appreciated this, – says Liubov Mochalova, CEO of the “European Association of Software Engineering” EASE.

Liubov Mochalova adds that now more than ever we need to take part in various events and represent our country on the international arena. This will be the best indicator that Ukraine in general and Ukrainian IT in particular continue to operate. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Singapore Red Cross for the purchase of critical medicines and equipment to save Ukrainians.

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