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EASE Roadshow IT Outsource is coming this year!

A large-scale IT conference — EASE Roadshow IT Outsource — will be held in London this year.

The event will bring together more than 150 fintech representatives and open up new opportunities for business expansion and networking.

The focus of the conference: speeches by fintech industry experts, panel discussions by representatives of banks, financial structures, investors, as well as the screening of the documentary film “First Code” about the history of Ukrainian IT.

The conference will include about 20 speakers and four stages:

  • Integration of blockchain and web3 in financial institutions
  • Security of financial transactions and protection of assets
  • Transformation of electronic banking
  • Modernization of fintech solutions for enterprises

In addition, the conference provides a unique opportunity for networking between representatives of outsourcing IT companies and their potential clients, fintech experts. The exhibition will also feature the stands of Ukrainian IT companies that are advancing on the international market even in wartime conditions.

The conference is organized by the European Association of Software Engineering (EASE). EASE is a Ukrainian community that unites small and medium-sized IT companies and helps them with development and scaling. The EASE community includes about 6,000 representatives from companies in fintech, software development, AI Tech, Internet marketing and many others.

All the details are coming soon! Stay with EASE for updates.

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