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Explore the Future of Innovation with DIANA Accelerator: Join IT Poland Technology Cluster’s Exclusive Webinar on August 18th!

Our partners IT Poland Technology Cluster are holding an event: a webinar on August 18th to discover the possibilities of the DIANA accelerator program! 📅🚀

They are delighted that Paweł Chełchowski, Senior Specialist in the Innovation Development Department of PFR (Polish Development Fund), will share his knowledge about the NATO Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). 🌟 Date: 18 August 🗓️ Time: 10.00-11.00 – Presentation + Q&A session ⏰🎙️ Speaker: Paweł Chełchowski 🎤

DIANA’s mission is to bring together brilliant minds in science, technology, and defense to work on ground-breaking projects. This includes areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, quantum technology, biotechnology, and more. 🔬🚀

During this webinar hosted by IT Poland Technology Cluster, participants will learn:

  • Why is NATO looking for startups? 🛡️
  • What is NATO DIANA? And who can apply? 🌐
  • What solutions is NATO looking for? 💡
  • How will startups benefit? 🌈

Don’t miss this chance to find out how projects can influence the future of deep technology and defense innovation! 💡🛰️

To register and receive a link to the platform where the webinar will be held, use this link: 🔗 https://wkf.ms/3s67V5D

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